Performance Track Record


The professionals at Torresco Realty LLC are proud participants in the New York real estate industry which spearheads, develops, and shapes the continuing reinvention of New York City. Our investment sales record exceeds 1,375,000 square feet of retail/commercial property, over a half million square feet of multiple dwellings, and more than 700,000 square feet of (FAR) air-right footage.

Torresco believes that placing our clientele at the forefront of emerging markets is the cornerstone of strategic investment. Since the 1980s, Torresco successfully targeted NYC’s emerging markets, selling obsolescent loft buildings for residential transformation where no community infrastructure existed. We “broke new ground” closing the contract for a ten-story “turnkey” condo  in the Greenwich Village Historic District, and were at the “cutting edge” creating a transaction that established “Shadow Studios” in Chelsea’s M-1 district. We envisioned the potential for a 202,893 square foot piece of parkway transforming the land into seventy-eight new affordable townhouses in Lindenwood, Queens. Torresco then moved on to analyze the inherent growth potential north of 96th Street, considered by most investors to be Manhattan’s “DMZ.” Our move into this niche created over 100 “off market” sales transactions, eight newly constructed buildings, a spectrum of profit-based investment, not-for-profit expansion, luxury market rentals, moderate income condos, affordable housing and major retail development.

Torresco Realty LLC’s brokerage efforts in District 8 awarded us a NY City Council Citation for exemplary service to the community in 2004.